Code Of Conduct


1. It is within the method statement of Sam’s Gutters Limited, forthwith to be known as Sam’s Gutters & Roof, to excel in all areas of the roofing industry.

2. We will always provide a professional service that includes:

• Responsibility – demonstrated by being accountable, completing tasks to a high standard and within the time frame. We will all assist each other in the team, whenever necessary and continue to progress and develop our skills.

• Reliability – we will be consistent and exceeding expectations, we will be on time for appointments, otherwise we will endeavour to always inform the office and our clients of our timing if it will be different to that scheduled.

• Accountability – we will always be transparent and assist truthfully and in any way to fix any errors that are made. We will hold ourselves and our company to the highest moral, safety and legal services.

• Organisation – the office will work together to support the technicians with their scheduling and planning. We will ensure that we are prepared with the Sam’s Gutters and Roofs stock list in our van plus any additional materials that we may need.

• Etiquette and manners – we will always keep good etiquette and have good manners at all times whilst we are at work and we will remember that our conduct outside of work will always leave an impression on people regarding the company that we work for. We will always be polite and smile, be courteous and humble. We will listen to and ensure that we have understood the client’s wishes and we will explain what is our solution to ensure that it meets with the client’s needs.

• Consideration – we will always treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

• Integrity – we will be honest inside and outside of work, we will follow our company’s morals and lead by example, we will adhere to workplace ethics, morality and legal standards in difficult situations.

• Dedication – we will endeavour to carry out our work to the nest standard possible and we will take great pride in our organisation and work.

• Expertise – we will keep up to date with news within the industry and keep up to date with skill development courses.

3. We will always take the law and safety as primary concerns when carrying out our work. If we need assistance we will contact Mrs Katy Habibian on 07792344114 at any time to receive advice.

4. We will always be clean and tidy, as much as possible and wear our Sam’s Gutters and Roofs Uniform with all of the PPE we need for the relevant job.

5. We will inform the Mr Mark Chandler if we are unable to be in work for any reason with enough notice to prevent client disappointment.

6. We will ensure that we do not carry out any work or speak in anyway that may be deemed as a Conflict of Interest.

7. Communication is a key element to the successful working relationship and therefore must be carried out thoroughly to a good understanding and using the etiquette and morals code above.

8. There must be no forms of harassment by or towards any persons working for or on behalf of Sam’s Gutters and Roofs. All harassment must be reported to Mrs Katy Habibian to be swiftly investigated in full and action taken.

9. Reporting of misconduct can occur by email, telephone, writing or in person. Any member of management may be informed and will be trusted to carry out a full and proper investigation.

10. Disciplinary Actions will be in your agreement and will be enforced by Mr Mark Chandler.

11. Illegal activities, please refer to our Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy. Fraud of any nature will not be tolerated at Sam’s Gutters and Roofs.

12. Discrimination of any sort is not acceptable behaviour at Sam’s Gutters and Roofs.

13. There will be information that you will come across whilst working for Sam’s Gutters and Roofs that will be confidential, for example the details of the client and these, unless expressly requested by the law or whilst under oath, this information must remain confidential. We will be informed as you go through your work, what additional data may be confidential.

14. The use of company property outside of company working times must be authorised by Mr Mark Chandler.

15. Plagiarism – there must be no plagiarism on the business model that Sam’s Gutters Limited has established.

This Policy Has Been Written By Sam’s Gutters Limited

on this day the 28/02/2024

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