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Repairing leaking gutters:

If the maintenance of your guttering is overlooked then guttering systems become fragile and can result in larger drainage issues.

An overflow usually means a blocked gutter, which means you would need a gutter clear but a drip would be coming down through a hole or a crack in the gutter so it would need a gutter repair.

One of the following methods is used to repair a gutter that is leaking:

• We would probably need to replace the joint if the rubber on the union joint has deteriorated.

• If there are several repairs needed on one section of the guttering then we recommend replacing that section.

• Changes in temperature can affect gutters, in these cases we apply gutter sealant.

Did you know …

1. Some minor gutter repairs can be carried out within 30 minutes.

2. Our Technicians will assess any needed gutter repair work on arrival. If there is any unforeseen damage that needs addressing that was not in your original estimate, the technician will discuss it with you and no work will be carried out unless we have your full authorisation.

3. If the repairs required can not be completed on the day then a new quote will be given to the client so that the job can be booked for another day.

4. If you don’t wish to go ahead with the gutter repair work then there is no charge.

5. A full one year guarantee covers your guttering repairs. Should there be any fault with the repair work within 12 months, it will be rectified for you free of charge.

It’s easy to book a Gutter Repair!

As a first step call us on 0800 078 9151 or fill out the ‘Book Online’ and we will book the gutter repair for a suitable date.

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10 years guarantee on Complete Replacements.


Roofer specialists trained and qualified in all types of gutters.


FREE site survey to provide written quotations.

Repairs and cleaning services terms:


If any damage is identified, then subject to your authorisation, the remedial work will be carried out at the same time as cleaning your gutters.


All gutter repair work come with a one year guarantee.


This means that at any point during the guarantee period, any issues from the same repair will be rectified completely free of charge.

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