Mission Statement

Director’s Statement

Here are the reasons why you should buy from us.

1) Ethics

We are not in this business to just make a quick buck (or quid, as the case may be). My vision for the company and the vision of the people working with us is different. We believe in the mechanical concept of karma and that you reap what you sow. For this reason, we aim to treat others the way we see they want to be treated. We deliver fair exchange. I, as a director, make sure that fairness and honesty are the central values of our company and the basis for how we treat customers and each other. We are all convinced that the woman or man you see in the mirror and how you sleep at night is more important than the bottom line.

2) Quality & Guarantee –> Peace of mind

We are human and mistakes do happen. I am not trying to say all our work is perfect the first time. But we try (and usually get it right the first time). And what’s just as important: All our repairs and new installations are guaranteed. This means you can buy with peace of mind. Even if we don’t get it right the first time, we will come back and fix it. And that’s guaranteed, in writing on every quote. This means you can buy with peace of mind.

The reason why we can guarantee our quality of work is point 3), i.e. that our technicians are experienced roofers.

3) Roofers and our free roof inspection

All our technicians come from a background of roofing and are experienced roofers. This means they can do more than clear your gutters: They can take stock of your roof, your chimney, the state of your parapet walls, the lead flashing, the fascia and soffits and any other aspect of that part of your house that you probably don’t see very often because it’s too high up. We will alert you to any situation we find and present you with a solution. Such a survey can usually cost you dearly but since we are already there and up on the roof, we take a look for free.

4) Stability and continuity

We are not a dubious, short-lived company. We have been around for over a decade. We provide a livelihood to fifteen people and will continue to do so. We are registered with Companies House and HMRC, have a stable address and if you book with us, you know you can still find us next year or ten years down the line. We will not disappear but remain here as your stable point of contact for all gutter and roof related matters.

5) Not price

Price is really not a compelling reason to buy from us. Sure, it might be cheaper in the long run to get it fixed right in the first place by Sam’s Gutters and with a guarantee. And our roofers might spot things earlier than some handyman, thereby saving you money. But if you only want the cheapest price, we are not your go-to resource. We offer a great service at a fair price, with a guarantee. We don’t aim to be the cheapest.

I hope my view resonates with you and that we can show you what we are all about. If you want to contact me, you can do so through our email sam@samsgutters.net and I will respond.

Yours enthusiastically,

Danny Fumagalli

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