Safety & Assurance With Sam’s Gutters

Some people may think that gutter and roof work looks simple, especially the way that our Technician’s professionally scale heights, but there is a lot of work carried out in preparation for your task. Professionalism, quality, reliability and trust are part of the service that, we, at Sam’s Gutters & Roofs offer, along with Insurance and Guarantees.

Think about Health and Safety

Working at height, at the top of a ladder is not a job for everyone. At Sam’s Gutters & Roofs, our Technicians are fully trained to carry out a risk assessment before they start work. There are numerous factors to take into consideration, from the fragile areas on the roof (you must be experienced to identify these) to electrical hazards and even the weather and wind speed!

This is how, we at Sam’s Gutters & Roofs will prepare for you.

Our Sales Team, will work with you to find out which one of our many services you require. This will be relayed in full with our Technician’s and Head of Operations to ensure that the work can be carried out as you require AND that it is safe to do so.

If you need a Risk Assessment before work starts, at Sam’s Gutters & Roofs, this is not a problem – we can always provide this.

Once, together we are sure, that the risk assessment is correct, we ensure that we have the correct tools. As we are working at height and on a ladder, you must ensure – whilst you are on ground level that your tools are all in good working order. The ladders need a good, thorough inspection before use, every time.

Tools at the ready, ladders checked and set up. So, now you think we are ready, right? WRONG.

Time to do another final risk assessment, and as this one is before you get started, follow all the notes and procedures, identified at all the other stages.

When we are confident that ourselves and everyone around us will be safe, we start work, but do not forget as we are working, we continue assessing the risks. This is called a Dynamic Risk Assessment. We will always stop at any time we identify danger.

At Sam’s Gutters & Roofs, our office will always be happy to take your call. For quotations, viewings or work, even to simply check us out contact us.

Do our Technicians have the correct health and safety training?

Yes, they do. We invest into, monitor and work with our Technician’s to ensure their training is up to date. Our Technicians have access to their courses and information at any time they need. Information and newsletters are regularly sent out to our Technician’s keeping them up to date with news and reminders of their training, as well as regular meetings at the office.

Why Chose Sam’s Gutters & Roofs

Since 2009, our team has carried out work in London and the Southeast. Our Trustpilot ranking of 4.8 shows the high quality of work you can expect. And all our work is guaranteed, so you have nothing to worry about.

Working with Sam’s Gutters & Roofs, takes away the stress of work on your gutters and roof.


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